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Planning Committee Remit


The Planning Committee shall be a liaison between Kelty Community Council and all proposed developments in and around the Kelty area. The Committee will also endeavour to raise public awareness of proposed developments to the whole of Kelty community. This shall include relaying the benefits to the community  as a whole and ensuring that conditions on planning applications are adhered to. The Planning Committee remit is ultimately to improve the amenities for the whole of Kelty.


Tasks Involved


  • Identifying proposed developments and following their progress.
  • Identifying the effects on the Kelty area.
  • Consulting with members of the public to assess the community attitude to developments.
  • Liaison with Fife Council Planning Department.
  • Liaison with Local Councillors.
  • Liaison with developers.
  • Liaison with any other relevant organisations
  • Ensuring that conditions on planning applications are adhered to.
  • Report to Kelty Community Council and seek their consensus on the actions and representations that they should undertake.


Areas of Interest


  • Windfarm Projects
  • Housing Developments
  • Fracking Proposals
  • Land Art Project Completion
  • Planning Bonds and Planning Conditions
  • Fifeplan Local Development Plan.

Application No: 16/03915/EIA Proposal: Planning Permission in Principle for land to the south of the A909 Cocklaw Street, to the east of the M90 and to the west of the B917 Oakfield Street, Kelty. 

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